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Palaeophytogeography and Palaeolimatic implications of Permian gigantopterids on the North China Plate 专著章节/文集论文
出自: Proceedings of the International Conference on Pangea and the Paleozoic - Mesozoic transition., 武汉:中国地质大学出版社(China University of Geosciences Press), 1999, 页码: 167-168
Authors:  Zhang Hong;  Wang Yongdong (王永栋);  Shen Guanglong (沈光隆);  He Zonglian;  Wang Jun (王军)
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中国西北侏罗纪含煤地层与聚煤规律 专著
北京:地质出版社, 1998
Authors:  张泓;  李恒堂;  熊存卫;  张慧;  王永栋;  何宗莲;  蔺广茂;  孙柏年
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