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Further remarks on the environmental background of Nanjing Man 专著章节/文集论文
出自: Palynofloras and palynomorphs of China, Hefei:Press of University of Science and Technology of China, 2000, 页码: 167-173
Authors:  Liu Jinling (刘金陵);  Li Xingxue (李星学);  Mu Xinan (穆西南);  Xu Hankui (许汉奎);  Zhong Shilan (钟石兰);  Huang Fei (黄翡);  Wang Weiming (王伟铭);  Xu Qinqi
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Discovery of Middle Pleistocene mammal fauna from Tangshan karst care, Nanjing and its significance 期刊论文
Chinese Science Bulletin, 1993, 卷号: 38, 期号: 20, 页码: 1742-1746;1 pl
Authors:  Xu Qinqi;  Mu Xinan (穆西南);  Xu Hankui (许汉奎);  Zhong Shilan (钟石兰);  Mu Daocheng (穆道成)
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Quaternary calcareous nannoplankton from the Nansha Sea area in the South China Sea 专著章节/文集论文
出自: Quaternary biological groups of the Nansha Islands and the neighbouring waters, Guangzhou:Zhongshan University Publishing House, 1991, 页码: 199-238;8 pls
Authors:  Zhong Shilan (钟石兰);  Lu Jun (李军)
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Miocene-Early Pliocene calcareous nannofossils from Lei Zhou Peninsula,South China 专著章节/文集论文
出自: Procceding of International Symposium on Pacific Neogene Continental and Marine Events, Nanjing:Nanjing University Press, 1989, 页码: 43-50;2 pls
Authors:  Zhong Shilan (钟石兰);  Zhong Bizhen
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Marine sediments and faunas of Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary in southern Xizang (Tibet, China)- Stratigraphic zonation by planktonic organism, Larger Foraminifera and Ostracods 期刊论文
Terra Cognita, 1985, 卷号: 5, 期号: 2-3, 页码: 264
Authors:  Herm D;  Weidich K F;  Willems H;  Ye Chunhui (叶春辉);  Zhang Binggao (章炳高);  Zhong Shilan (钟石兰)
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Upper Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary transgression nd sedimentation of Western Tarim Basin, China 专著章节/文集论文
出自: Developments in Geoscience, Contribution to 27th International Geological Congress, Beijing:Science Press, 1984, 页码: 203.-214
Authors:  Tang Tianfu (唐天福);  Yang Hengren (杨恒仁);  Lan Xiu (蓝琇);  Hu Lanying (胡兰英);  Yu Congliu (俞从流);  Zhong Shilan (钟石兰);  Zhang Yiyong (张一勇);  Wei Jingming
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A preliminary study of Upper Cretaceous from western Tarim Basin,S Xinjiang,with special reference to its Transgression 期刊论文
Zittelliana, 1983, 期号: 10, 页码: 115-121
Authors:  Yang Hengren (杨恒仁);  Tang Tianfu (唐天福);  Lan Xiu (蓝琇);  Hu Lanying (胡兰英);  Yu Congliu (俞从流);  Zhang Yiyong (张一勇);  Zhong Shilan (钟石兰);  Wei Jingming
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Taxonomy and magnetobiochronology of Tribrachiatus and Rhomboaster, two general of calcareous nannofossils 期刊论文
Journal of Paleontology, 1966, 卷号: 70, 期号: 1, 页码: 7-22;3 pls
Authors:  Wei Wuchang;  Zhong Shilan (钟石兰)
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